Part of the original founding team of Astral Fitness and currently the Senior Manager and Senior Certified Master Trainer at Astral Fitness; Matt has been a fixture with Astral Fitness literally from the ground up. Matt started with the construction management and program development phase from June 1998 – Grand Opening in June 2000 and continued on through to the present.

Matt graduated with honors from West Virginia Wesleyan College 1995:

Graduating with a Double Major / Double Minor:

B.A. Physical Rehabilitation / B.A. Psychology

Minored: Sports Medicine / Business


LGR NYS PT Licensing Graduate Record New York State Physical Therapist 

LGR NYS PTA Licensing Graduate Record New York State Physical Therapist Assistant 

Sports Nutrition Specialist International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Exercise Therapy International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Senior Fitness Specialist International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Personal Trainer Certificate International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Aerobics and Group Fitness Certificate American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Senior Fitness Certificate Healthway’s Silver Sneakers Program Certificate

Muscular Strength and Range of Motion Healthway’s Silver Sneakers Program Certificate

Athletic Training Certificate sports conditioning, injury management and rehabilitation Sports Training Institute (STI)


    Matt worked for two years 1994 – 1996 part time for West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Sports Medicine Department as an Athletic Trainer assisting athletes with sports conditioning, injury prevention, injury management and rehabilitation.


    Matt also worked as an Itinerant Physical Therapist for 1 ½ years 1995 – 1997 part time at St. Joseph’s Hospital, in Buckhannon, West Virginia; serving clients that were unable to travel to the hospital; including students with disabilities and debilitating diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and others as well as middle aged adults and seniors, with all ranges of health and orthopedic maladies.


    Matt relocated back to New York City and went to work for Pro Fitness Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapist and evening shift Manager from 1997 – 1999. Matt also worked at Sports Training Institute 1997 – 1999 an elite training, sports medicine and physical therapy facility, which during his time there; he received recognition as Most Utilized Trainer every month during his time there and received a promotion to Senior Master Trainer. Matt was included in the merger of Sports Training Institute and New York Sports Club / Town Sports International at their 51st Street location in 1998.


From 1998 – 2000 Matt incorporated and became an Executive ofAtlas Athletics Inc. a Delaware Corporation primarily operating as a corporate and private fitness consultation group and which now owns Astral Fitness & Wellness Center. During that time he also supervised and implemented all the preparation, construction, licensing, program development and operations as Construction Manager for Atlas Athletics Inc. and Astral fitness & Wellness Center. From 2009 to present Matt now participates as Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Athletics Inc., Senior Manager of Astral Fitness & Wellness Center and Regional Director of Sales for Visuals Sciences Inc. winning a Regional Sales Record Award and 2nd place in the Body By Vi Transformation 90 day Challenge.


Matt, throughout his life competed and participated at the High School and College Varsity Level and at the Regional, State and National levels in the following: Wrestling, Football, Lacrosse, Competitive Power Lifting, Karate, Exhibition Wrestling, Tough Man (Amateur  Boxing Elimination Tournaments) and Mixed Martial Arts.


Matt has trained individuals at all levels of ability and ages to perform at their best in health, work, goal specific programs, competition and sports. He has done this through his all encompassing method of training, helping his clients build a foundation of fitness from the inside out; practical specific training approaches and simplified yet overwhelmingly effective progressive and specifically adapted training concepts. Matt and Astral Fitness are proud of the success stories we have worked with.