How Good Is Jujitsu For


Hmmm, considering Jujitsu was developed by the Samurai warriors of war-torn Japan for un-armed combat, I think we can safely say it's not too bad for self-defense!

Many of the techniques in Jujitsu don't require any strength, so that again makes Jujitsu ideal for self-defence, even against much stronger and larger opponents.

How Can It be So Good?

Since Jujitsu covers techniques for punching and kicking, joint-locks, throws, ground-fighting, and even weapons, you'll obviously learn defences against all of these. Once you get to a suitable skill level in the art, you will notice your confidence grow, simply because you know several techniques to get out of the most common attacker situations.

Some clubs will even go as far as to teach defences against a gun! Although you should obviously try to settle every violent situation by talking first, especially if a gun is, or could be, involved.

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Ju-Jitsu will also teach you falling prevention and falling recovery without injury. 

JuJitsu taught in its true form. Self Defense/ Combative. Women, men and children (10 yrs of age & up). Under 10 must inquire. 


Classes are tight but real. The goal is street defense. "how you train, is how you fight!" - Prof. Moses Powell. 

Class Schedule 

Sunday: By request (3> attending)

Monday: 7pm - 8:15pm

Wednesday: 7pm - 8:15pm

Thursday: 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Saturday: 8am - 9am

Class Schedule due to changes based on attendance.

$45 per month. Plus a $25 enrollment fee one time only! NO COMMITMENT, NO CONTRACTS!


Sweat pants and top (long sleeve) for the first 5 classes. Females special tactical group classes offered. Must inquire! 

Classes taught by Master E. Martinez, 7th degree Black Belt. Over 40 years experience. 


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