Felix "Bayoan" Cortes  - Part of the Astral Fitness and Astral MMA Team; Felix is the Founder, CEO & Chief Advanced Instructor of Self Defense for Strategic Concepts LLC for close quarters combat. He is an honorary black belt in combat Ju Jitsu. He is in the process of attaining a Shodokan Aikido Black Belt from Tetsuro Nariyama Lineage of the Tomiki Aikido Association of the Americas. He is actively in the study of Chen Style Tai Ji Quan from Yo Guo Shun who was a disciple of the 11th generation Sifu Ma Hong, one of the top ten masters in China.

Advanced Instructor of 8 system MMA concepts: Felix has developed a new martial art system based on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Some would call it Post JKD concepts. It took over 15 years of diligent study in all aspects of the martial art, it's concepts, and philosophy under Sifu David K. Tamura.

Felix’s Objective: “To focus my skills, experience and training in mixed martial arts to teach self-defense for the benefit of others”.


Actively engaged in the practice and instruction of the 8 System TLG/MMA self-defense tactics and physical conditioning. Presently conducting private students' classes and quarterly seminars for the past six years.

The 8 System TLG/MMA Seminars consists of teaching individuals or groups self defense. Using techniques and concepts such as trapping, locking, grappling, Chi-Na, Modified Muay-Thai Boxing, Western Boxing, Jeet Kune Do/Concepts and modified knife training/defense.

Two years of training and coaching amateur and professional fighters for Boxing and MMA at Inwood Boxing Academy.


8 System TLG/MMA Seminar -- 7/03 -- 8/08

Self Defense Seminar -- CNN -- 6/05

Self Defense Class -- Hofstra University -- 4/05

Directions For Our Youth, Inc. -- 6/03


8 System TLG/MMA Post Jeet Kune Do/Concepts

First student to achieve intermediate, advance, instructor and advance

instructor certification -- Warrior, Philosopher, Teacher 

Shodokan -- Aikido 6th Kyu

Shodokan -- Aikido 7th Kyu

Shodokan -- Aikido 8th Kyu

Shodokan Kuno Obi Black Belt/Kombat Jujitsu

Licensed Security Guard/Personal Body Guard


Over twenty years of martial arts and security experience

Bilingual in English and Spanish

Strong interpersonal and communication skills